Custom Stingray/Snorkel Charters


Magic Hook: $275/hour, 3-hr minimum (US$825) up to 10p; plus $55/p 11-15p; Plus $5/person for ground transportation

Howdy: $275/hour, 3-hr minimum (US$825) up to 10p; plus $5/person for ground transportation

Cayman Bear: $500/hour, 3-hr minimum up to 25p; plus, US$55/p for 26-38p; Plus $5/person for ground transportation.

Miss Anna/High Rider/
Capt. Jimmy/Cayman Jewel - $650/hour, 3-hr minimum up to 32p; plus $55/p for 33-50p; Plus $5/person ground transportation

Luxury Boats and Motor Catamarans:
Oh Boy - $400/hour with a three-hour minimum to 15 people plus $80/person for 16-35 people
North Sounder - $400/hour with a three-hour minimum, for up to 15 people plus $80/person for 16 to 35 people

Holiday Rate: Add $150 for 3-4 hours and $200 for 5 hours and up

Tour info

3 hours
Group Size
1 to 60
Price starts at

Why take this tour?

Description of boats:

  • Howdy: 33-foot Luhrs
  • Magic Hook: 34-foot Crusader
  • Cayman Bear: 44-foot Key West Number One
  • High Rider: 45-foot Key West Number One
  • Cayman Jewel: 48-foot Key West Number One
  • Miss Anna: 42-foot Aventura


  • Oh Boy: 60-foot custom yacht
  • North Sounder: 36-foot customer motor catamaran

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