Grand Cayman Cruise Port - 7 Best Activities For Cruise Visitors

Grand Cayman Cruise Port

There’s something magical in the air from the moment you glide into the Grand Cayman cruise port. The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory made up of three beautiful islands in the western portion of the Caribbean Sea. Considered a hub for luxury resorts, excellent snorkeling, and luxury shopping, Grand Cayman is also famed for its legendary deep-sea fishing excursions, remote beaches, bioluminescent bays, and population of endangered blue iguanas.

Regardless of which cruise line you travel with, you’ll have no trouble finding little tastes of paradise just steps from your cruise terminal. From the glitter of George Town to the serenity found among local marine life, this cruise destination stands out for its ability to allow guests to connect with nature while still enjoying the finer things in life. Where should you start?

This list of seven things to do in Grand Cayman cruise port will have you racing from your cruise ship to begin experiencing all of the pleasures of Grand Cayman!


1) Book A Grand Cayman Stingray City Tour

Feeling a little wild at heart while planning your big Grand Cayman trip? There’s one adventure that tops all other shore excursions!

If you’re coming to the Cayman Islands, you need to know about an incredible spot called Stingray City that is considered a must-visit attraction for anyone arriving at the Grand Cayman cruise port. This attraction is a series of shallow sandboards located in Grand Cayman’s iconic North Sound. With the right captain by your side, you’ll be able to access a wonderland of barrier reefs that house colorful tropical fish and abundant stingrays.

What’s the best way to see Stingray City in the Cayman Islands? Captain Marvin’s is Grand Cayman’s premier provider of Stingray City excursions. We offer a seamless way to swim with wild stingrays in their natural habitat right here in majestic Grand Cayman! Our expert crew offers so many different ways to explore! Take a look:

  • Stingrays, starfish, the Crystal Caves (3 hours)

  • Stingrays combined with a snorkeling stop at the Barrier Reef or Coral Gardens (2 hours and 30 minutes)

  • Stingrays with a conch dive (seasonal), snorkeling, and seafood lunch on the beach (5 hours)

  • Stingrays with two snorkeling stops at Coral Gardens and the Barrier Reef (3 hours)

  • Stingrays, starfish, and snorkeling aboard a new motorized catamaran (3 hours)

We are also pleased to offer excursions to Starfish Point to see sea stars and other tropical fish, dive into crystal-clear waters, and experience the rare bioluminescence event that lights up nights on Grand Cayman Island!

Our semi-customizable tours are perfect for families, couples, groups of friends, or solo travelers. Rest assured that our knowledgeable, attentive crew members will always prioritize your safety and enjoyment. Most of our tours can accommodate groups of 30 to 45.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience of connecting with stingrays in their natural state! Book your spot today!

grand cayman stingray city

2) Lounge At Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach has won the title of “Best Caribbean Beach” more than once! Known for being home to the former Royal Palms Beach Club, this crescent-shaped beach topped with coral sand sits on Grand Cayman’s western edge near West Bay.

Its fame comes from the fact that it delights visitors with its warm water and gentle waves. It’s very common to see beachgoers enjoying some swimming, surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, and snorkeling here. If you’re seeking a tamer experience, simply look for the current-free stretches of shallow water that are perfect for wading.

Don’t skip the bliss of a lazy beach day at Seven Mile Beach if you’re looking for things to do near Grand Cayman cruise port!

seven mile beach

3) Enjoy The Duty Free Shops In Grand Cayman

Do you want to bring home some keepsakes and trinkets from the Cayman Islands? There are plenty of places to shop within walking distance of the Grand Cayman cruise port. In addition to a few large shopping centers, there are also some locally owned trinket shops peppered throughout the island’s neighborhoods. Here’s a look at the top shopping places:

  • Camana Bay (Market Street)

  • Galleria Plaza (West Bay Road)

  • Pure Art Gallery & Gifts (Denham Thompson Way)

Good to know: Grand Cayman is synonymous with luxury shopping! Upscale retailers offer a wide variety of duty-free jewelry, watches, fragrances, crystal goods, and purses.

Enjoy The Duty Free Shops In Grand Cayman

4) Explore Eden Rock Diving Center And Devil’s Grotto

Eden Rock Diving Center is a fantastic place to get your fins wet! Visitors can scoop up all the equipment rentals they’ll need for an unforgettable experience. The center is a must-visit for diving enthusiasts and nature lovers. The experienced diving professionals at Eden Rock Diving Center will ensure your safety and guide you through this underwater paradise, making your dive an unforgettable experience.

Devil’s Grotto is an expansive reef structure characterized by its impressive caverns and intricate tunnels. Exploring Devil’s Grotto is like stepping into a hidden underwater paradise. Once inside, you’ll be greeted by a vibrant and diverse marine ecosystem. The reef formations are adorned with colorful corals, swaying sea fans, and an abundance of marine life. Prepare to be amazed by the beauty and tranquility that awaits you in this underwater haven.

Scuba Diving In Devil’s Grotto Grand Cayman

5) Live Your Best Life In George Town

While island living is slow, the fast pace of George Town is irresistible to Grand Cayman visitors. As the capital city of the Cayman Islands, this financial hub and port of call is famed for fabulous restaurants, cultural attractions, mansions, and the glitzy shops that line Cardinal Avenue.

Here’s a list of essential attractions for your itinerary after you dock at the George Town Grand Cayman cruise port:

  • Tour the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (NGCI): This 9,000-square-foot facility is home to the official national art collection. It also has a library, sculpture garden, and ongoing exhibits.

  • Explore Heroes Square: Located a short walk from where cruise ships dock, this landmark is peppered with statues and memorials telling the history of the island.

  • Shop at Farm Fresh Direct: Offering a sprawling array of seasonal, locally grown fruits and vegetables, this famous spot is a great place to pick up everything from raw ingredients to prepared meals. While vendors rotate frequently, you may also be in luck if you’re looking for crafts, sauces, creams, desserts, jewelry, or a fish market!

  • Pamper Yourself at Coral Beach: Coral Beach is a private beach club on Seven Mile Beach that offers cabanas, loungers, cocktails, lunch, and dinner with stunning coastal views.

  • Visit the Cayman Islands National Museum: This landmark features exhibits showcasing the natural and human history of the island!

Live Your Best Life In George Town Grand Cayman

6) Do A Distillery Tour

It’s no secret that Grand Cayman is famous for its rum! However, many people docking at the Grand Cayman cruise port aren’t aware that you can actually see how the golden elixir is made when you tour a distillery in person. Yes, there are usually some samples involved!

Cayman Spirits Co. is widely considered to be the best spot for a rum tour in Grand Cayman. Your ticket gets you a fun tour that includes samples. Your guide will even throw in some history and trivia regarding the different samples you try. You might even walk away with some recipes for cocktails you can mix up when you get back home.

Due to the popularity of Cayman Spirits Co. tours, you should consider booking your tickets online ahead of time.

Do A Distillery Tour In Grand Cayman

7) Have A Rare Dining Experience Near Rum Point

Kaibo Beach Restaurant invites guests to escape from the ordinary as they enjoy luxury dining in a beachfront setting near remote Rum Point Beach.

From its locally sourced ingredients to its lively evenings with live local bands and DJs, this Grand Cayman gem offers an experience like nothing else you’ll find after arriving at the Grand Cayman cruise port.

Pro tip: The best way to get here is by a Rum Point water taxi!

Luxury Dining Experience Near Rum Point Beach

Discover The Best Way To Explore The Island After Arriving At The Grand Cayman Cruise Port

After you arrive in George Town, you won’t be restricted by the offerings of your cruise ship! Feel free to head away from the tender port for a while to experience Grand Cayman like a local instead of a tourist.

Regardless of which cruise line you travel with, Captain Marvin’s is proud to be your official tour guide on the waters off of Grand Cayman. Our once-in-a-lifetime excursions bring you to serene, natural attractions where you can enjoy marine life and peaceful views far from the hustle and bustle of cruise ships at the George Town Grand Cayman cruise port.

Book your unforgettable experience among the stingrays and sandbars of Grand Cayman with Captain Marvin’s today!

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 32

Tour #1: Stingrays and Starfish ( Caves on Fridays & Saturdays only)

Enjoy the combo tour with stingrays and starfish, offered for USD59/person each morning at 7:30 before the crowds! On Fridays and Saturdays, you can add the caves tour (USD99/person for both). You must prepay for these tours as the office isn't open before 7:30 AM.

2 hours 30 minutes
Group Size
Up to 45

Tour #2: Stingrays and one snorkel stop to Barrier Reef OR Coral Gardens

Our two-stop stingray/snorkel tour lasts about two hours and 30 minutes, slightly shorter than our three-stop stingray/snorkel tour. The two-stop trip goes to the Stingray City sandbar plus one snorkel stop, either the Barrier Reef or the Coral Gardens. Our captain will decide when he gets out to the stingray/snorkel areas which snorkel stop to use, based on wind, wave, and tide conditions, as well as on the number of people at each of the two areas. We always try to go to the less populated of the two stops.

5 hours
Group Size
Up to 40

Tour #3: Beach Lunch, Stingray & Snorkel tour

Capt. Marvin's Beach Lunch Stingray/Snorkel Tour is the best of the best! It includes two snorkel stops (one of which will be a conch dive during conch season, Nov. 1st through April 30th), the Stingray City sandbar for interaction with the stingrays, and a fresh seafood lunch on the beach across the North Sound (near Kaibo/Rumpoint).

Our crew will dive for conch in season and you are welcome to help them. They will even clean up some shells so each family unit who wishes can take one back home with them (supply limited). The rest of the year, you will have extra snorkeling (or Starfish) stop instead of the conch dive.

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 45

Tour #4:Stingray City and Two snorkeling stops to Coral Gardens and the Barrier Reef

Our three-stop stingray/snorkel tour lasts three hours, dock to dock. The three-stop stingray/snorkel trip goes to the Stingray City sandbar plus TWO snorkel stops, both the Barrier Reef AND the Coral Gardens.

We strongly recommend that you bring flotation devices for children under age 3, as our snorkel gear is for ages 3 and over. We provide snorkel vests, life vests, masks, snorkels, and fins for everyone ages 4 and over. You are welcome to bring your own gear if you like. We offer complimentary shuttle service from your hotel or condo on Seven Mile Beach.

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 35

Tour #5: Stingrays, Starfish and Snorkeling

A new tour is being offered on our brand new motor catamaran.

This tour has been getting really great reviews! With approximately 25 people on average, it's a comfortable and high-end unique visit to some of the most beautiful spots on the planet.

The snorkeling will be at either the Coral Gardens OR the Barrier Reef, with approximately 40 minutes at each stop, allowing you more time to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 28

North Sounder - Private Charter

USD500/hour, 3-hour minimum (USD1500) for up to 15 people; plus USD80/person for 16-30 people. Add USD6/person for ground transportation. (Holiday Fees apply)

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 50

High Rider - Private Charter

USD650/hour, 3-hour minimum (USD1950) up to 32 people; plus USD55/person for 33-50 people. Add USD6/person for ground transportation.(Holiday Fees apply)

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 50

Miss Anna - Private Charter

USD650/hour, 3-hour minimum (USD1950) up to 32 people; plus USD55/person for 33-50 people. Add USD6/person for ground transportation. (Holiday Fees apply)