11 Grand Cayman Snorkeling Spots For Underwater Adventures

Grand Cayman Snorkeling

Planning a trip to the Cayman Islands? One of the most exciting things to add to your Grand Cayman bucket list is a snorkeling excursion. Whether you have always wanted to gaze at stunning sea turtles at the infamous Turtle Reef or one of the snorkel spots at Seven Mile Beach, there’s always a snorkeling paradise to explore here in Grand Cayman.


1) Visit Locations With Some Of The Best Snorkeling In Grand Cayman

If you’ve had the Cayman Islands on your vacation bucket list for a while, then you’ve likely heard stories of the breathtaking encounters with stingrays here. Our founding captain here at Captain Marvin’s spearheaded this popular excursion back in the 1950s, and we still take tours to Stingray City for this experience today.

Hop out of the boat and swim with these docile creatures at Stingray City, or choose another snorkel location on one of our many tour options. Tour the beautiful Coral Gardens or Barrier Reef for an unforgettable experience in this snorkeling paradise. We also offer exciting evening tours to Starfish Point, where you can experience the rare phenomenon of bioluminescence!

We provide all the snorkel gear you’ll need whether shore snorkeling or taking a deeper dive to see the hustle and bustle of colorful reef fish and tropical fish beneath the crystal clear waters.

Contact us before your trip so we can help you make the most of your time in Grand Cayman!

The Best Snorkeling In Grand Cayman

2) Snorkeling In Grand Cayman At Cemetery Beach Near West Bay

One of the best snorkeling locations for a scenic day on the sand is on the northern end of Seven Mile Beach at Cemetery Beach, otherwise known as Cemetery Reef. Despite its spooky name, this snorkel spot has breathtaking views of George Town to the south, and West Bay to the north from the white sand beach.

When you’re ready to explore the marine life beneath the water, head straight out to find the darker spots in the water to find beautiful coral heads and more. Some of the things you might spot on your Cemetery Beach excursion include:

  • Staghorn Coral

  • Sea Fans

  • Blennies

  • Reef Fish

Pro tip: If you swim out a bit farther than the coral heads, you’ll find the famous dive site for the USS Kittiwake!

Staghorn Coral and Reef Fish at Cemetery Beach

3) Don’t Miss The Stunning Views At Grand Cayman’s Coral Gardens

Also known as “The Aquarium,” Coral Gardens is one of the most popular snorkeling sites in Grand Cayman. Coral Gardens are found in the North Sound of Grand Cayman in a shallow, protected area of the inner reef. Because the average depth here is around 10 feet, it’s the perfect location to observe marine life from the surface!

The coral reef is vibrant and healthy at this popular site and is especially breathtaking on clear, sunny days. Some of the things among the coral and tropical fish include:

  • Venus sea fan

  • Bent sea rod

  • Sea plumes

Pro tip: You’ll want to find a local boat tour or rent a vessel yourself to reach this site as it’s a bit too far from shore to swim.

Stunning Views At Grand Cayman's Coral Gardens

4) Enjoy A One-Of-A-Kind Encounter At Starfish Point

Starfish Point is located about an hour away from Seven Mile Beach and a 45-minute drive from George Town, so you’ll need a car or boat to get there. The water is shallow at this location and drops to a depth of 10 feet where you can find most of the starfish living amongst the sea grass bottom.

Occasionally the critters will make their way to the shallow portion of the site, but you’re much more likely to get up close and personal if you have snorkeling equipment.

One-Of-A-Kind Encounter At Starfish Point

5) Find The Perfect Coral Sights At Barefoot Beach

Barefoot Beach is located on the Eastern side of Grand Cayman about an hour’s drive from Seven Mile Beach. You’ll find a barrier reef roughly 100 yards from the beach which is just close enough that you should be able to swim there easily. Be sure to have a snorkel buddy or a professional guide with you for a safe excursion!

Swim over and see tons of tropical fish and colorful coral reefs! To find the perfect spot, swim towards the seagrass and coral masses; the barrier reef will be just beyond this point.

Tropical Fish At Barefoot Beach Grand Cayman

6) Spend The Day At Cayman Kai Public Beach In Grand Cayman

Cayman Kai Public Beach is a stunning white sand location with perfect snorkeling opportunities! The east-to-west current makes for the perfect drift snorkel adventure where you’ll see tons of tropical fish and soft corals as you slowly drift with the current.

The water depth ranges from three feet to 10 feet in this location, so it’s the perfect spot for beginner snorkelers or those who just want a relaxing experience.

Cayman Kai Public Beach Snorkel Spot

7) Make A Day Of It At Spotts Beach In Grand Cayman

Spotts Beach is only a 20-minute drive from George Town and is famous for its spectacular views of wild sea turtles. You’ll also have plenty of opportunity to see beautiful reef fish and coral as a barrier reef surrounds the shore at this popular site.

The reef starts at about 100 yards out from the shoreline, so if you want to take a snorkeling adventure out to the reef, you’ll want to swim with a professional or at least with another snorkeling friend to make sure you have help if anything should happen while you’re swimming out to the site.

Spectacular Views Of Wild Sea Turtles in Spotts Beach

8) Enjoy An Unforgettable Adventure At Stingray City In Grand Cayman

One of the most popular snorkeling areas on the Cayman Islands is Stingray City. Not only will you have the opportunity to see stingrays like never before, but these friendly creatures like to get up close and personal with visitors, even swimming with you or looking for the occasional snack thanks to the myriad of tours available in the area.

You won’t want to skip out on a snorkeling experience at this location, as you’ll likely never see as many stingrays anywhere else on your travels!

Unforgettable Adventure At Stingray City In Grand Cayman

9) Take The Adventure To Rum Point

At Rum Point in Grand Cayman, you can start your snorkeling excursion just 30 to 40 yards from the shore! The current here typically meanders from east to west and moves slowly towards Cayman Kai.

You’ll see soft corals, sea fans, and whips as you glide along the water, making this another location that’s perfect for beginner snorkelers or those just looking for a relaxing experience. Here are just a few of the fish you’ll also see as you relax in the waters at Rum Point:

  • Triggerfish

  • Harlequin Bass

  • Surgeonfish

There is a ton of great parking, easy access to the beach, and concessions and restrooms nearby at this snorkeling spot. It’s a wonderful location for families or groups that are looking for convenient access to amenities close to the site.

Triggerfish Sightseeing At Rum Point In Grand Cayman

10) Keep Close To Town At Smith Cove

If you’re cruise ship is docked in George Town and you’d like to stay close to the area, be sure to schedule a snorkeling excursion at Smith Cove. The stunning coral is just 30 yards from the shore and offers views of countless fish.

Though you won’t see the best views of coral reefs at this site, it’s among the better snorkeling sites if you’re interested in catching a glimpse of colorful marine life.

Cayman Snorkeling Excursion At Smith Cove

11) Take A Trip Through Time At The Wreck Of The Cali

There are several dive and snorkel spots in Grand Cayman where you can see sunken ships, but The Wreck of the Cali is perhaps one of the more popular snorkeling sites near the islands. You’ll find the wreck just off the main road in town, so it’s one of the easier finds.

The Cali was a four-mast schooner nearly 220 feet long and took on severe damage in 1944 during inclement weather which led to the ultimate destruction and sinkage of the ship. Now, visitors can snorkel the area to see its new home on the sea floor and to watch as marine life takes over and makes the site their new home.

Visit The Wreck Of The Cali In Grand Cayman

Making The Most Of Your Grand Cayman Snorkeling Trip

We love to help you find the best snorkeling areas and see the best of the island here at Captain Marvin’s. Along with our tours, our exceptional guides will take you to popular snorkel spots and swimming spots all over the island so you can interact with some of the most stunning ocean life on the planet. From spotting sea turtles to fishing with the stingrays, we’ve got you covered!

Let us know how we can help you plan the most unforgettable trip of your life! Contact us on our website!

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 32

Tour #1: Stingrays and Starfish ( Caves on Fridays & Saturdays only)

Enjoy the combo tour with stingrays and starfish, offered for USD59/person each morning at 7:30 before the crowds! On Fridays and Saturdays, you can add the caves tour (USD99/person for both). You must prepay for these tours as the office isn't open before 7:30 AM.

2 hours 30 minutes
Group Size
Up to 45

Tour #2: Stingrays and one snorkel stop to Barrier Reef OR Coral Gardens

Our two-stop stingray/snorkel tour lasts about two hours and 30 minutes, slightly shorter than our three-stop stingray/snorkel tour. The two-stop trip goes to the Stingray City sandbar plus one snorkel stop, either the Barrier Reef or the Coral Gardens. Our captain will decide when he gets out to the stingray/snorkel areas which snorkel stop to use, based on wind, wave, and tide conditions, as well as on the number of people at each of the two areas. We always try to go to the less populated of the two stops.

5 hours
Group Size
Up to 40

Tour #3: Beach Lunch, Stingray & Snorkel tour

Capt. Marvin's Beach Lunch Stingray/Snorkel Tour is the best of the best! It includes two snorkel stops (one of which will be a conch dive during conch season, Nov. 1st through April 30th), the Stingray City sandbar for interaction with the stingrays, and a fresh seafood lunch on the beach across the North Sound (near Kaibo/Rumpoint).

Our crew will dive for conch in season and you are welcome to help them. They will even clean up some shells so each family unit who wishes can take one back home with them (supply limited). The rest of the year, you will have extra snorkeling (or Starfish) stop instead of the conch dive.

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 45

Tour #4:Stingray City and Two snorkeling stops to Coral Gardens and the Barrier Reef

Our three-stop stingray/snorkel tour lasts three hours, dock to dock. The three-stop stingray/snorkel trip goes to the Stingray City sandbar plus TWO snorkel stops, both the Barrier Reef AND the Coral Gardens.

We strongly recommend that you bring flotation devices for children under age 3, as our snorkel gear is for ages 3 and over. We provide snorkel vests, life vests, masks, snorkels, and fins for everyone ages 4 and over. You are welcome to bring your own gear if you like. We offer complimentary shuttle service from your hotel or condo on Seven Mile Beach.

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 35

Tour #5: Stingrays, Starfish and Snorkeling

A new tour is being offered on our brand new motor catamaran.

This tour has been getting really great reviews! With approximately 25 people on average, it's a comfortable and high-end unique visit to some of the most beautiful spots on the planet.

The snorkeling will be at either the Coral Gardens OR the Barrier Reef, with approximately 40 minutes at each stop, allowing you more time to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 28

North Sounder - Private Charter

USD500/hour, 3-hour minimum (USD1500) for up to 15 people; plus USD80/person for 16-30 people. Add USD6/person for ground transportation. (Holiday Fees apply)

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 50

High Rider - Private Charter

USD650/hour, 3-hour minimum (USD1950) up to 32 people; plus USD55/person for 33-50 people. Add USD6/person for ground transportation.(Holiday Fees apply)

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 50

Miss Anna - Private Charter

USD650/hour, 3-hour minimum (USD1950) up to 32 people; plus USD55/person for 33-50 people. Add USD6/person for ground transportation. (Holiday Fees apply)