Unveiling The Best Stingray City Tour: Captain Marvin's

Best Stingray City Tour: Captain Marvin's

It’s tails up in Grand Cayman when you experience Stingray City! Magical Stingray City is a series of shallow sandbars floating in the sun in the beautiful waters off of Grand Cayman in the North Sound. In many ways, Stingray City is like Mother Nature’s tropical petting zoo. There’s simply no place on the planet where visitors can interact with wildlife in such a gentle, carefree way.

In fact, the stingrays here are lovingly known as the “puppies of the ocean” due to their playful nature. Don’t be surprised if you see people around you petting, hugging, or kissing the stingrays that swarm you while visiting Grand Cayman.

While stingrays are notoriously docile around humans in general, years of interactions with gentle humans have made the stingrays of Stingray City especially docile. At widths of up to five feet, these diamond-shaped beauties inspire awe as they swim around cruise ship passengers stopping by Stingray City sandbar.

Are you ready to wade in warm tides with wild stingrays at one of the most famous destinations in the Cayman Islands? Here’s everything you need to know about hopping on the best Stingray City tour.


Book The Best Stingray City Tour Grand Cayman Visitors Can Experience

Before getting into some fun tidbits and tips for experiencing Stingray City after docking in the Cayman Islands on your cruise ship, let’s cut to the chase on the absolute best way to see Grand Cayman’s Stingray City. Captain Marvin’s Watersports lets you experience swimming with stingrays with the founders of the stingray experience in the Cayman Islands. Yes, we are the oldest water sports company in the Cayman Islands!

Our extremely knowled     geable staff offers the best excursions for interacting with stingrays, snorkeling the barrier reef and coral gardens, and filling up on local island cuisine. Private charters from our local tour company offer a wide range of once-in-a-lifetime experiences that include:

  • Adventures with stingrays, starfish, and caves

  • Tours of Starfish Point

  • Three-stop excursion at Stingray City Sandbar, Coral Garden, and the Barrier Reef

  • Snorkeling at the Coral Garden or the barrier reef on a motorized catamaran

At Captain Marvin’s Watersports, we know that you’ll be eager to wade among the friendly stingrays at Stingray City as soon as you get off your cruise ship. Our carefully selected snorkel stops provide glimpses of exotic fish species to ensure a great trip for every guest. What’s more, we take pride in being one of the only companies to offer kid-friendly experiences that provide the prestige of a private charter! Book the best Stingray City tour today!

Family Stingray City Tour In Grand Cayman

Interacting With Stingrays During Stingray City Tours

If this is your first time interacting with southern stingrays, there are a few things to know to make your boat tour or snorkel tour in Grand Cayman as safe and magical as possible!

Our guests come from all over the world to experience the rare and surreal experience of actually swimming with wild stingrays. This can be a perfect experience for a honeymoon, anniversary trip, family vacation, or a friend getaway. Of course, you don’t need to come with a crowd to enjoy this adventure. Many people choose this sanctuary-like setting to enjoy a private retreat while on vacation.

It’s important to remember that the docile stingrays at Stingray City are still 100% capable of stinging humans. The good thing to know is that the barb that you’ll see at the end of every stingray’s tail is not poisonous. However, it can still wound you! Here’s how to prevent that from happening:

  • Never harass, splash, or chase after stingrays

  • Avoid any fast movements that could startle stingrays

  • Always approach stingrays from the front to avoid being vulnerable to their barbs

  • Never touch a stingray’s eyes, gills, or tail

  • Avoid removing a stingray’s gills from the water

If you prefer to take a more passive approach to your Stingray City experience, you can simply stand back in the water to admire these beauties! Photographs to help you remember this incredible experience in Grand Cayman are also permitted.

Pro Tip: We recommend purchasing a waterproof pouch ahead of time that you can use to secure your phone if you plan to bring it in the water with you!

Human Interaction With Stingrays During Stingray City Tours

Snorkeling Near Stingray City

For some people, a tour of Stingray City in Grand Cayman isn’t enough to scratch their itch for adventure. That’s why booking a snorkeling excursion near Stingray City is also recommended. Coral Gardens is a popular snorkeling located roughly half a mile from where Stingray City tours are conducted in the North Sound. This gorgeous coral reef is famed for its warm water and robust fish populations.

While Coral Gardens is known for being shallow, it’s important to know that the water’s depth is around 15 feet. That means that standing isn’t possible. Be sure to wear a life jacket for a safe experience.

Snorkel At Coral Garden Near Stingray City

Visiting Starfish Point

Situated near Stingray City and Rum Point, Starfish Point more than lives up to its name!

When coming to this magnificent spot, you’ll want to look for a sandy portion of the beach that is famed for being the spot where large starfish populations congregate. The starfish can be seen at the point where the tide reaches knee-depth level. Be sure to look closely in the water to ensure that you don’t miss starfish that vary in color from pale yellow to fiery red.

Like the stingrays of Stingray City, the starfish of Starfish Point must be treated with care and dignity. While the starfish can be admired and photographed, visitors should avoid disturbing these stunning creatures in any way.

Encounter Starfish At Starfish Point Grand Cayman

Scuba Diving Near Stingray City

Seven Mile Beach is considered the best spot for scuba diving in Grand Cayman! In fact, people from all over the world come to Seven Mile Beach and its surrounding waters to marvel at blue tides, colorful coral reefs, and formidable walls.

Seven Mile Beach has a crescent shape that is notably covered in coral sand. It has been named the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean by more than one publication over the years. While this is a snorkeling tour capital of Grand Cayman, Seven Mile also offers great opportunities for:

  • Swimming

  • Sunbathing

  • Hiking

  • Biking

  • Picnicking

There’s no need to stick to one attraction when your goal is to savor paradise! Many people who book Stingray City tours also find their way to Seven Mile Beach. In fact, this beach is easily accessible by public transportation. Visitors also have a wide range of shops and restaurants to choose from near the beach.

Seven Mile Beach Scuba Diving Near Stingray City

Book The Best Stingray City Tours From The Original Grand Cayman Tour Company

Our tour company was the first to offer charters to Stingray City for visitors to Grand Cayman. We’re known today for providing the best Stingray City tours for visitors of all ages. We know that planning a visit to Stingray City can be intimidating if this is your first visit to Grand Cayman. That’s why our friendly team will take time to help you find the right itinerary for your needs.

As you browse our tour offerings, you’ll notice that we provide a variety of rotating options that vary based on the season or daily weather conditions. That’s because we are committed to offering the safest tour experience for all of our guests. What’s more, we tailor our options based on what will make you more likely to have the best experience with the best sightings!

While our Stingray City charters feel elite, we promise that we offer the most reasonable pricing around. We also have a top-notch fleet consisting of new, well-maintained vessels that enable our guests to glide over the blue Caribbean in style and comfort.

We offer the best Stingray City sandbar tour! Experience one of the best tours for interacting with southern stingrays in their natural habitat when you book a private charter with Captain Marvin’s today!

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 32

Tour #1: Stingrays and Starfish ( Caves on Fridays & Saturdays only)

Enjoy the combo tour with stingrays and starfish, offered for USD59/person each morning at 7:30 before the crowds! On Fridays and Saturdays, you can add the caves tour (USD99/person for both). You must prepay for these tours as the office isn't open before 7:30 AM.

2 hours 30 minutes
Group Size
Up to 45

Tour #2: Stingrays and one snorkel stop to Barrier Reef OR Coral Gardens

Our two-stop stingray/snorkel tour lasts about two hours and 30 minutes, slightly shorter than our three-stop stingray/snorkel tour. The two-stop trip goes to the Stingray City sandbar plus one snorkel stop, either the Barrier Reef or the Coral Gardens. Our captain will decide when he gets out to the stingray/snorkel areas which snorkel stop to use, based on wind, wave, and tide conditions, as well as on the number of people at each of the two areas. We always try to go to the less populated of the two stops.

5 hours
Group Size
Up to 40

Tour #3: Beach Lunch, Stingray & Snorkel tour

Capt. Marvin's Beach Lunch Stingray/Snorkel Tour is the best of the best! It includes two snorkel stops (one of which will be a conch dive during conch season, Nov. 1st through April 30th), the Stingray City sandbar for interaction with the stingrays, and a fresh seafood lunch on the beach across the North Sound (near Kaibo/Rumpoint).

Our crew will dive for conch in season and you are welcome to help them. They will even clean up some shells so each family unit who wishes can take one back home with them (supply limited). The rest of the year, you will have extra snorkeling (or Starfish) stop instead of the conch dive.

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 45

Tour #4:Stingray City and Two snorkeling stops to Coral Gardens and the Barrier Reef

Our three-stop stingray/snorkel tour lasts three hours, dock to dock. The three-stop stingray/snorkel trip goes to the Stingray City sandbar plus TWO snorkel stops, both the Barrier Reef AND the Coral Gardens.

We strongly recommend that you bring flotation devices for children under age 3, as our snorkel gear is for ages 3 and over. We provide snorkel vests, life vests, masks, snorkels, and fins for everyone ages 4 and over. You are welcome to bring your own gear if you like. We offer complimentary shuttle service from your hotel or condo on Seven Mile Beach.

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 35

Tour #5: Stingrays, Starfish and Snorkeling

A new tour is being offered on our brand new motor catamaran.

This tour has been getting really great reviews! With approximately 25 people on average, it's a comfortable and high-end unique visit to some of the most beautiful spots on the planet.

The snorkeling will be at either the Coral Gardens OR the Barrier Reef, with approximately 40 minutes at each stop, allowing you more time to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 28

North Sounder - Private Charter

USD500/hour, 3-hour minimum (USD1500) for up to 15 people; plus USD80/person for 16-30 people. Add USD6/person for ground transportation. (Holiday Fees apply)

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 50

High Rider - Private Charter

USD650/hour, 3-hour minimum (USD1950) up to 32 people; plus USD55/person for 33-50 people. Add USD6/person for ground transportation.(Holiday Fees apply)