Fishing Charters

Capt. Marvin's Watersports offers deep sea fishing as well as reef fishing charters. We have excellent, experienced captains who will help you catch that big marlin, tuna or wahoo. One of the great advantages of deep sea fishing in Grand Cayman is that our deep water is not far from shore, so you do not have to spend hours of your time just getting to the fishing areas.

We provide the fishing gear and bait, as well as the captain and mate for your fishing charter with us, and we offer both half-day and full day fishing charters. Our half-day charters are usually from 8 AM until 12 noon, and again from 1-5 PM; and our full day charters are usually from 8 AM until 4 PM.

The tradition in Grand Cayman is that 1/3 of the catch (or an edible amount, whichever is smaller) goes to those fishing, and 2/3 of the catch goes to the boat. Please see the price list and the photos of our fishing fleet, and choose the boat and the length of your trip. We will prepare a contract for you to include all the details of your fishing charter.

We also provide reef fishing charters, and again, because the reef is so close to the island, you are not spending your valuable time and money getting to a far-off fishing site. Reef fish include grouper, snapper, and jacks, among others. The same tradition regarding splitting the catch applies as is described above. Reef fishing charters are most often scheduled as half-day charters (8 AM until 12 noon, and 1-5 PM) but if you like we can extend it to a full day for you. Price list and photos of our fleet are available on our web site.

We are happy to provide a cooler with ice for your beverages and snacks if you would like to bring them along with you. We highly recommend that you wear sunscreen and bring it along for frequent application; and a hat with plenty of shade protection. We want you to catch fish, not a sunburn!

We would love to guarantee that you will catch fish, but the fish don't always listen to us. Let us know if you have any questions about fishing here in Grand Cayman and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Fishing Charter Prices

Captain Marvin’s Watersports Ltd.
(as of Nov. 2021; prices subject to change and availability)
Half-Day Reef: 4 Hours
Howdy/Magic HookUS$750 for up to 6 people fishing
Full-Day Reef: 7 Hours
Howdy/Magic HookUS$1400 for up to 6 people fishing
Oh BoyUS$1800 for up to 8 people fishing. Add US$100 for a/c.
Half-day deep sea: 4 Hours
Howdy/Magic HookUS$850 for up to 6 people fishing
Oh BoyUS$1100 for up to 8 people fishing; a/c available upon request (add $50/half day)
Full-Day Deep Sea: 7 Hours
Howdy/Magic HookUS$1500 (fully rigged, with captain and mate, equipment and bait)
Oh Boy US$2000 (as above). Add US$100 for a/c.

Riders are US$50/person extra.

Let us know what you would like to reserve. We'll talk to the fish!

Price of deep sea fishing trips includes gear, bait, captain and mate, plus ice water and fruit punch on board the boat. We can provide a cooler with ice if you would like to bring beverages or snacks along with you. Price of reef fishing trips includes gear, bait, and captain for 5 people fishing or fewer (Oh Boy up to 8 people fishing). Riders are US$50/person extra..

Description of boats:

Howdy: 33-foot Luhrs
Magic Hook: 34-foot Crusader
Oh Boy: 60-foot custom yacht (air-conditioned cabin)